quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009


From post to Val's surprise.

I said the song is a divagation about human individuality and relationship.

I said so because it was enough to understand it.

Cosmotics (not cosmic) is an abstract concept based on cosmic osmosis used per example 100 years ago by Fernando Pessoa and his friends joining poetry with philosophy.

Nowadays is used as art concept in ethereal poetry, music and painting.

This song is entirely cosmotic, philosophically speaking.
It is also characterized as hypnotic because repeats rhythms and concepts in order.

I consider myself happy to take nothing to understand this song.

Taking Flor's translation, I made another as I "listen" to it.

Things which happen out of time
are not subjected to consensus
they stay deep down
while the remainder lose.
Packaged knowledges
serves the present status,
Stood apart
and embargoed by the majority.
If out of time and present time
could be related and assimilated
we wouldn't need cosmotic trips.
Theories would be noticed
but intelligence restricts human autonomy.

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